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🚀 Blast From The Past: Guess Who’s Back? 🎉

Published: at 12:00 AM

Hey there!

Remember me? You might not… After a brief 3-4 year hiatus (which in the tech world is, I admit, almost an eternity 🦖), I’m dusting off my keyboard, giving the old blog a fresh coat of pixels, and making a grand re-entry into the world of 1s and 0s.

What I’ve Been Up To: Before we dive in, let’s catch up a bit. While I was away, I:

  1. Became a pro at the most challenging game ever — ‘Parenting’. (Totally recommend, but no cheat codes available.)
  2. Attempted to build a robot to do my chores. Results: Mixed, with a splash of laundry detergent.
  3. Delved deep into the mysteries of web and software development, uncovering ancient secrets like “Why does this code work on my machine but nowhere else?”

What’s New: 🎬 The big news? I’m launching a YouTube channel! 🎥 Yep! For those of you who’ve ever thought, “I wish I could watch this human explain things while I lounge on my couch,” your wish is about to come true. And for the readers among you, worry not, because the written word remains my first love.

The plan is to make this space THE place to be for anyone diving into the magical world of web and software development. Whether you’re a total newbie who still thinks JavaScript is a fancy coffee or a seasoned developer trying to decipher the latest framework, I’ve got your back!

What To Expect:

  1. Tutorials With Twists: Expect web dev tutorials sprinkled with fun anecdotes, real-world scenarios, and the occasional dad joke.
  2. Deep Dives: I’ll delve deep into the core principles of software development, unraveling the complex in a fun, comprehensible fashion.
  3. Tech Reviews: A breakdown of the hottest tools and technologies, and whether they’re worth your time.
  4. Interactive Sessions: Got questions? Throw ‘em at me during our live sessions. Let’s debug and decode together!

Let’s Collaborate!
Your feedback, questions, and sometimes just your geeky presence is what kept me going in the past. So, let’s co-write this new chapter! Slide into my comments, drop me a DM, or if you’re old school, just email. 😉

In Conclusion: Life’s too short for dull blogs or cryptic tutorials. Let’s learn, laugh, and code our way through this new chapter. 🚀 So tighten your seat belts, git pull that sense of curiosity, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together.

Catch you in the next post (or video)! Until then, keep those semicolons in check and stay awesome!